21st Workshop on Aggression 18-19 nov.

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The symposium chair must first submit a generic abstract describing the main topics covered in the symposium, and how the different presentations included contribute to a deeper understanding of the new advances in the field. After this generic submission of the symposium, all the other individual papers must be submitted as part of this symposium, by indicating the title of the symposium in the submission form. A symposium must comprise at least 3- 4 presentations of about 15 to 20 minutes each. A symposium should be no longer than 2 hours.


Oral Paper Presentation

The scientific committee will group them based on the topic in specific oral paper sessions. Individual talks should not exceed 20 minutes; 10 minutes will be left for discussions.


Abstract Submission Guidelines

Abstracts should have no more than 500 words, should be written in English, and should offer sufficient details to assess the scientific contribution. Abstracts presenting an empirical study should cover the following: (1) key theoretical points that the research is based on, (2) methodology employed (study design, sample, measures, procedure), (3) relevant results and (4) a brief discussion of the results in light of the literature, followed by concluding remarks and the implications of the study.