21st Workshop on Aggression 18-19 nov.

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Detailed programme


Thursday, November 17th




Friday, November 18th





Salon Onix

Opening Ceremony


Salon Onix

Keynote Ann Vernon

"Stop the Fight!  Effective Strategies for Helping Children and Adolescents Deal with Anger and Aggression"


Salon Onix

Plenary Symposium Europe 2038 Voice of the youth

Chair: Carmen Bora



Carmen Bora, Gabriel Roşeanu & Simona Trip

Romanian young European citizens: An inroad to visions, values, attitudes and behaviors



Coffee Break


Salon Onix

Plenary Symposium Europe 2038 Voice of the youth



Dagmar Strohmeier & Eszter Kapeter Visions and Worries of Adolescents and Young Adults for the Future of Europe: The Importance of Social Exclusion Experiences



Carmen Viejo, Mercedes Gómez-López & Rosario Ortega-Ruiz

The voice of Spanish youth: building together Europe 2038



Simona C. S. Caravita & Sara Stefanelli

What do Italian young people worry and expect about the Future of the Europe? Data from two studies





Salon Topaz

Round table Europe 2038 Voice of the youth


Salon Onix


"Signaling and decoding aggression: From evolutionary significance to advanced techniques of analysis (micro-facial expressions, polygraph and profiling)"

Chair: Alina Rusu



Alina S. Rusu

How do animals signal aggression? Chemical communication, competitive behavior and evolutionary stable strategies.



Gianina Alexa

Tendency of lying about aggressive events in sexual offenders of juveniles – A look through the eyes of a polygraph expert.



Dorin Dumitran & Florentin Neagu

Indicators of high aggression at the crime scenes: Profiling strategies of decoding the hidden signs.



Emanuel I. Andelin

When smiling is more than happiness: Automatic techniques of identifying micro-facial expressions of emotions (a case of individual with psychopathy in detention).



Salon Opal

Oral Presentations "Anger and aggression in different contexts"

Moderators: Marius Cioara & Angelica Hălmăjan



Georges Steffgen

Working conditions and work-related anger: A longitudinal perspective



Corina Zmole & Marius Cioara

Sport practice and aggressive behavior. Is it sport an effective mean in reducing aggression tendencies?



Angelica Halmajan, Alexandru BotosPersonality and locus of control - predictors of drivers’ aggression



Angelica Halmajan, Alexandru Botos

Aggressive behaviors in road accidents in Romania



Arielle Sagrillo Scarpati, Afroditi Pina & Roger Giner-Sorolla

Ambivalent sexism and moral values: A way to understand men’s rape proclivity in Brazil and England



Sarah Edwards, Joanna R. Adler & Jacqueline, M. Gray

The social construction of empathy by violent offenders during a victim awareness



Alina Decsei-Radu

Preventing domestic violence in the prison population






Coffee Break


Salon Onix

Keynote Herbert Scheithauer

"Prevention of targeted school violence by responding to students’ psychosocial crises: The NETWASS Program"


Salon Onix

Keynote Peter K. Smith

"Anti-bullying interventions in different cultures"


Salon Topaz

Round table 2038 Voice of the youth (in Romanian Language)




Saturday, November 19th


Salon Onix

Keynote: Dorothy L. Espelage

"School-Based Bullying Prevention & Intervention: Research Informed" 



Coffee Break


Salon Opal

Poster Presentations



A.     "Bullying & Victimization"



A.1. Thomas DiBlasi, Jin Y. Shin, Chuck Dill & Jack Lee

Aggression, Bullying, and Discrimination Experiences among Korean-American Junior High School Students



A.2. Marzanna Farnicka

The chosen psychological conditionings to undertaking aggressive behavior during adolescence



A.3. Delia Cristescu & Adriana Baban

Involvement in school bullying of children living in residential care



A.4 Marius Drugas, Ioana Drugas & Alexandru Stoica

Stop Bullying – A Primary Intervention Campaign in Romanian Middle and High-Schools






B.     "Aggression in prison"



B.1. Yoshihiro Horio

Experiences of Victimization among young offenders



B.2. Tical George

Two faces of sexual aggressors reflected on the crime scene  



B.3. Emanuel I. Andelin & Alina S. Rusu

The image of lie about attempting suicide: Biometrical and behavioural analysis of the facial expressions of a suicidal detainee during primary psychological assessment






C.     "Mobing and aggression in work settings"



C.1. Tical George & Dumitran Dorin

Psychologists at work: Police negotiation in crisis situation



C.2. Philipp Sischka & Georges Steffgen

The longitudinal impact of psychosocial working conditions on mobbing exposure and occupational risk factors



D.    "Parents, teachers and scial support"



D.1. Alexandra Chis & Alina S. Rusu

Romanian Translation and Linguistic Validation of the Children and Adolescent Social Support Scale (CASSS)



D.2. Iulia Aurelia Copaci, Anna Soos & Alina S. Rusu

Romanian Translation and Linguistic Validation of the Civic Attitudes and Skills Questionnaire: Implications for Pre-Service Teachers’ Evaluation



D.3. Militsa Nikiforou, Panayiotis Stavrinides & Stelios Georgiou

Do mothers know?



D.4. Mihai Marian

Exams time and attributions: the impact of short term stressful events



E.     "Sexuality and sexual education"



E.1. Alina S. Rusu & Marcel Moraru

Dark Triad, attachment style, perceived attractiveness and intrasexual competition: An evolutionary psychological view



E.2. Meda V. Pop & Alina S. Rusu

Developing a Sexuality Education Program for Parents in Romania – Preliminary Analysis





Salon Onix

Keynote: Raymond Chip Tafrate

Forensic CBT: An Integrated Approach for Working with Justice-Involved Clients


Salon Topaz


"Conventional and cyber forms of bullying and victimization in late childhood and adolescence"

Chair: Kyriakos Charalampous



Kyriakos Charalampous, Panayiotis Stavrinides, Constantina Demetriou, Emily Nikiforou, Loukia Tricha & Stelios Georgiou 

The relationship between short-term variability in conventional and cyber forms of bullying and victimization



Panayiotis Stavrinides, Kyriakos Charalampous, Constantina Demetriou, Emily Nikiforou, Loukia Tricha & Stelios Georgiou 

The effect of parenting style on conventional and cyber bullying/victimization behaviors: The mediating role of peer attachment relationships



Ifigenia Stylianou, Stelios Georgiou, Myria Ioannou & Panayiotis Stavrinides

Contextual parameters mediating and moderating the relationship among parenting style, bullying and victimization

Psychopathic Traits and Adolescents Delinquency: A Short-Term Longitudinal Study


Salon Onix

Oral Presentations "Bullying & Aggressive Behavior: Predictors, Prevention and Intervention"

Moderator: Marius Drugaş



Petra Gradinger, Takuya Yanagida, Dagmar Strohmeier & Christiane Spiel

Individual and Class Level Moderators of Program Effectiveness and Sustainability of the ViSC Program to Prevent Aggressive Behavior and Victimisation



Elisabeth Stefanek, Dagmar Strohmeier & Takuya Yanagida

The role of peer relations and school variables for depression in groups of bullies and victims



Susanne Robinson & Peter K. Smith

Consistency of gender differences in bullying

in different cultures



Hana Machackova, Lenka Dedkova & David Smahel

Parental worries about the bullying of their children



Ioana Sirbu & Sebastian Sipos –Gug

School bullying



Tabita Vede

Verbal aggression – violence without physical trace



Mihai Predescu, Ioana Darjan & Mihaela Tomita

A follow up study on the efficacy of implementing Life Space Crisis Intervention in managing aggression of children with intellectual disabilities





Salon Onix

Keynote: Howard Kassinove

"Anger and Interpersonal Aggression:  Theory and Treatment"


Salon Onix

Oral Presentations: "Cyberbullying"

Moderators: Simona Trip



Stephanie Pieschl

Pitfalls and Challenges in Cyberbullying Prevention Research – Insights from Two Case Studies



Olga Solomontos-Kountouri, Konstantinos Tsagkaridis, Petra Gradinger & Dagmar Strohmeier

Socioeconomic, psychosocial and school profiling differentiates cyber from traditional bullying and victimization.



Stephanie Pieschl

The Complicated Relationship between Cyberbullying and Trust – Two Exploratory Studies



Ellouise Long

Working towards a typology of trolling: Identifying and prioritising more serious forms of online abuse





Salon Topaz

Oral Presentations: "Aggression – models and resilient behavioral patterns"

Moderator: Gabriel Roşeanu & Carmen Bora



Delia Cristescu & Adriana Baban

Resilience to bullying victimization in residential care



Ioana Darjan & Mihai Predescu

Students’ attitudes and reactions towards aggression



Ildiko Szanto

Capabilities of the Child Protection System in Bihor County



Ioana Darjan & Mihaela Tomita

Functions of aggressive behaviors – implications for interventions



Gabriel Roşeanu, Carmen Bora & Simona Trip

Predictors of psychopathology in adolescents. Thinking about the long run.


Salon Onix

Plenarry presentation: James McMahon

"Murder as extreme anger"